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Nectar Smart Pourer and Stopper

  • Real-time pour analytics
  • Inventory and Precision AuditTM software
  • No setup costs if you order online
  • Get 5x-10x ROI

60-day risk free trial


Free shipping & returns


Dedicated support


1-year limited warranty

White glove service


  • Smart caps and spacers for your entire bar
  • Integrate with major POS vendors
  • Daily pour vs. sold analytics
  • Complete software to manage bar health

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Frequently asked questions

What happens after I place my order?
After you place the order, Nectar prepares all the caps by individually labeling them to the product. They are also configured to activate with a single click once placed on the bottle. Setup is designed to be quick so you can start using the real-time pour data to maximize profits.
How does billing work, When will I be charged?
We collect the payment when you place the order on our website, this allows us to work on preparing your caps. Though we collect the payment rightaway your subscription doesn’t start till you receive the caps.
When will my pourer and stopper arrive?
It usually takes 7-15 days from the date of your order for the caps to arrive at your door. If there are further delays our support team will be in touch. Your subscription will only begin once the caps arrive at your doorstep.