Introducing Nectar

Modern bar management to reduce shrinkage

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Connected Pourer and Stopper

Nectar pourer and stopper tracks pours in real time using ultra-sound sensor

Technology as beautiful as it is powerful

Designed & tested by bartenders over 2 million pours

Metal top

Designed and tested by bartenders. Solid metal construction thats pours and corks same as traditional caps

100% coverage

Smart caps that cover all your open bottles including the corked ones in your back bar

Nectar’s patented sensor

Every cap does complex signal processing to measure and report pours in real-time without changing behavior

Air-tight seal

Corks the bottles and withstands the daily wear and tear of bar life. Built to withstand alcohol and be washed in the sink

Universal fit

Nectar caps come in varied sizes to accommodate various bottle openings

No charging required

Batteries are sealed and invisible and last for more than a year. The replacement cap is automatically sent if under contract

Software seamlessly designed to compliment the hardware

Scales to provide ROI from a small bar to a chain with many locations

Get a snapshot of every shot

Nectar caps provide a real-time feed of exactly what’s being poured at the bar and when

Customize your pour alerts

Never miss a thing with pour alerts for low bottle, off-hour pours and specific brands poured over certain oz

Powerful data in a simple pour report

Insights on total volume, average pour size and a detailed view of the same by brand and category

Get intelligence with no effort

Quickly react to your bar’s health data like insights on pour cost, theoretical vs. actual and loss

*Enterprise package only

Answers at your fingertips

Dashboard offers daily insights on Inventory, pour cost, loss, top sellers and more

*Enterprise package only

Know what's in your inventory

Track your on hand value with insights into slow movers, price changes and cash utilization

*Enterprise package only

Order only what you need

Stockout suggestions, easy vendor management and price and discount tracking

*Enterprise package only

Ditch pen and paper audits

Nectar audit is designed to count anything in your bar, save time by skipping Nectar capped products, and track variance over time

*Enterprise package only

Estimate your inventory management spend and shrinkage

1: Enter your annual liquor sales
Management costs
Estimated shrinkage
2: Adjust your annual inventory management cost

With Nectar, reduce your shrinkage and boost your profits

Cover your top sellers with the 20 cap package starting at only $99/month

That’s less than the cost of one drink per day!

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“With Nectar, we’ve had a number of insights that would have been impossible to find before, which has dramatically improved our operations.”

Anjan Mitra, owner of DOSA restaurant

“We've been testing the Nectar platform and can't wait to roll it out to all of our locations.”

Navin Chatani, NightLife Entrepreneur

“Nectar identified a problem that had been happening for years which we never would have found without their caps.”

Tessa Nguyen, Restaurateur

“Nectar will become the norm in the hospitality industry offering precious real-time data on bar staff performance and beverage sales discrepancies.”

Karim Masri, Hospitality Entrepreneur